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CWA International News

CWA called on the FCC to investigate unscrupulous corporate sales practices in the telecom industry and to implement consumer protections that apply to all voice providers. 

The latest bargaining information for AT&T Mobility and Frontier Communications.

Employees at the L.A. Times are working to form a union with NewsGuild-CWA.

CWA's Runaway Inequality program has trained hundreds of CWA members about how expanding corporate power has harmed working families.

The president of CWA Local 6137 wrote a piece for the Caller-Times about how union members are helping Texans in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

A letter to the editor of The Daily Herald in Washington State.

As NAFTA negotiations continued this week, CWAers joined members of Congress at a rally in Washington, D.C.

Upon questioning from Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN), Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan admitted that recent rounds of layoffs at Wells Fargo call centers in America were directly related to the company's increased hiring of call center workers in the Philippines -- an admission at odds with the company's supposed reasoning for the recent layoffs of hundreds of American call center workers.

CWA submitted to the FCC an expert report that demonstrates that wireless technologies are not adequate alternatives to robust wireline broadband.

CWA 1150 News

Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Brothers and Sisters,


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In support of the survivors and in memory of those who have lost their battle, “Think Pink” Fridays for the remainder of the month to show our support.  Please join us each Friday and wear a pink tshirt, shirt or some article of clothing in pink to support the cause.

Also, please remind your loved ones to make sure they have their annual mammograms. 

The link below will provide some beneficial information that every woman needs to know.



Please provide the link to someone you know.  It may make a difference in someone’s life.

info for AT&T Members

This first section is for Article 43 eligible members only!
As you all know our contract is expiring soon, a major factor in keeping the Alliance benefit for everyone will be the Article 43 benefit. Please take the time to complete the survey in the link below. 
Please click the button to see more info.


September 2017 VTP & Surplus

Sisters & Brothers,
we regret to inform you that there was yet another VTP and Surplus at AT&T today.  Fortunately for Local 1150 none of our members were impacted by either of these.
VTP: 13 total nationwide
Bedminster NJ       Senior Records Clerk    1
Oakton VA             Customer Sales & Service Specialist   1
Alpharetta GA        Data Processing Associate III   1
Minneapolis MN    Teleconference Specialist   8
Mesa AZ               Customer Engineer III   1
Concord CA          Customer Engineer III   1
Surplus:  118
CSTR SLS & SVC SPCLT                        Oakton     VA    1
SENIOR OFFICE CLERK                         El Paso   TX   11
ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE               El Paso   TX    79
SENIOR RECORDS CLERK                    Bedminster  NJ  1
CUSTOMER ENGINEER III                     CNCRCA83       1
CUSTOMER ENGINEER III                      Mesa   AZ        1
CUSTOMER ENGINEER III                     RDMDWASI      1
CUSTOMER ENGINEER III                     TYVLUTAG        1


VTP/Surplus June 2017

AT&T announced a VTP/Surplus today. this affected 2 people nationwide in the Legacy T contract.

These members are located in Florida and Minnesota.  
This did not affect any Members in Local 1150.