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To help protect and give members a voice in today's Telecom industry.

CWA 1150 News

New Wages

As provided in the2015 CWACollective Bargaining Agreement, you will receive a retroactive general increase based onthenew wage rates effective April 12.  Your new wages and retroactive general increase will be included in the followingpaycheck:



Pay Area

Pay Period

Pay Day

Pay check Includes


7/5/15 – 7/18/15


New wages  & retroactive pay to 4/12/15



Legacy T contract Ratified

Legacy T Contract Ratified.  77% Yes vote.

Local Results: 105 yes, 45 No, 3 Void

VTP Announcement

AT&T offered yet another VTP to certain job titles today. 

Call Congress to save american Jobs

This job-killing bill recently passed in the Senate. The House of Representatives is expected to vote on Fast Track any day now.
We can defeat this bill but we will need every possible vote so we need to keep the pressure on every member of Congress.
Call your member of Congress at 1-855-980-2384 and ask them to oppose Fast Track right now.

CWA International News

About 30 CWA activists joined 350 community allies for a series of actions at U.S. Bank and the Minneapolis City Hall last week.

Organizing victories at Cricket and Point Park University.

In just one week, more than 2,800 CWA members and supporters have signed the petition that will be presented to the German Parliament and spark further investigation of the anti-worker actions of T-Mobile US.

Marchers joining America's Journey for Justice will leave Selma, Ala., on Aug. 1 and walk more than 800 miles to Washington, DC.

Don't worry if you weren't able to make it to Arizona for Netroots Nation last week. Our panel – A Movement Not a Moment: Fighting Fast Track in Arizona – is now online.

This week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said he will recommend that the Commission approve the merger of AT&T and DirecTV.

CWA President Chris Shelton and other union leaders met with President Obama at the White House last week.

AFA-CWA is mobilizing the aviation industry in the fight against human trafficking.

In a strongly worded letter, 160 members of Congress have urged U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry not to upgrade Malaysia's ranking in the U.S. State Department's annual "Trafficking in Persons" report.

NABET-CWA reaches tentative agreement with NBC, Verizon rally this weekend, AT&T Southeast contracts expire Aug. 8.