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To help protect and give members a voice in today's Telecom industry.

CWA 1150 News

Stand up and tell AT&T to shove there proposals!!

I hope you all are reading these bargaining reports from the national. I hope you all are getting as pissed off as we are! theses proposals are a joke. They want to shift all medical costs on you, and then they even have the ordasity to say the dont want to pay for overtime. so even more cost out of your pocket.  

MOBILIZE MOBILIZE MOBILIZE, wear a red shirt on thursdays, post signs up that your angry about there non negotiating tactics. if you need mobilization supplies contact the local and we will get them to you.

here is the latest report with more of AT&T non-sense.


CWA International News

NLRB Throws Out CNN's Joint Employer Challenge; Breaking! Leaked Investor Chapter of TPP Worse than Imagined; Movement Building; News Stories about Last Week's Groundbreaking NLRB Ruling against T-Mobile; Bargaining Update; Bellingham, WA, City Council Unanimously Rejects "Fast Track;" Seattle Next; Columbus, Ohio, Stands Up Against "Fast Track"; A Last-Minute TPP Protest; Colorado Activists Urge "Fast Track" Rejection; and more.

Republican-dominated state legislatures are up to no good. Here's what you need to know about their attacks on working families across the country.

AT&T Mobility Retail employees in Illinois voted for a voice in the workplace by signing recognition cards to become members of CWA Local 4202.

The theme this year when CWA activists and other unions observe Workers' Memorial Day on April 28 will be "Speak Out for Safe Jobs. Protect Workers Now" as workers step up the fight for safe workplaces and remember fellow workers killed, injured and made sick on the job.

Young workers aren't going to wait for the world to change--they're determined to fix it themselves.

During "Labor Day at the Capitol" in Denver, CWA activists and local union officers met with state legislators on issues important to working families.

Attendees at a CWA Local 3122 AT&T Mobility workshop were encouraged to write to their members of Congress.

CWA activists found out last Thursday that U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew would be at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus on Friday to talk to the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce about "fast track" and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Ohio activists, including CWAers and environment and community allies, held a town hall in Columbus last night to tell U.S. Sen. Rob Portman to oppose "fast track" legislation and stand up for good jobs and consumer protections for Ohioans.

Members of American Sign Language Interpreters United, a unit of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, TNG-CWA Local 39521, have ratified their first contracts with Purple Communications.