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CWA International News

Bargaining updates for Envoy Air, Frontier Communications, AT&T Midwest, AT&T Legacy T and AT&T Southeast.

Editorial staff of Quartz, a news outlet that covers technology, geopolitics, work, and culture, announced this week that an overwhelming majority of eligible staff have signed on to join the NewsGuild of New York/CWA Local 31003.

On Saturday, outsourced workers from across Ohio gathered in Akron to testify at a field hearing about corporate job outsourcing and union busting co-sponsored by Cleveland Jobs With Justice and the Ohio Poor People’s Campaign with support from CWA and other unions and community groups.

CWAers across the country are making progress on passing legislation to protect call center jobs from offshoring!

This week, CWAers, along with other unions and allies, successfully beat back an attempt by state legislators to split the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and diminish its authority.

CWAers, along with several other public interest groups, delivered a petition to the FCC on Tuesday with more than 60,000 signatures opposing the potential T-Mobile/Sprint merger, saying that the merger would lead to lost jobs, higher prices for consumers, and less competition.

This month, five CWA Next Generation Lead Activists led a Reversing Runaway Inequality training at the CWA national headquarters.

The NewsGuild-CWA and Teamsters represent thousands of employees at Gannett and DFM.

The latest bargaining information for the University of California and Cornerstone Staffing Solutions, Inc. (RightStone).

Hundreds of Texas state workers, members of the Texas State Employees Union-CWA Local 6186, gathered in Austin on Wednesday for a huge lobby day to take a stand for economic and social justice for state workers.

CWA 1150 News

VTP/Surplus Info

We apologize for the lateness of the vtp/surplus info for March 15.
There was a suplus for 2 Network Order Administrators in St.Louis.
There was also a VTP announced for the following.
Piscataway NJ     Customer Maint Technician  2
Piscataway NJ     Customer Switch Technician  2
Orlando FL           Billing Clerk  6
Orlando FL           Bi-Lingual Billing Clerk  1
Atlanta GA           Communications Technician  10
Atlanta GA           Service Order Administrator  1
St. Louis MO       Network Order Administrator  2

Bargaining Report #90

Almost a year ago your Union Bargaining Team created a Healthcare proposal that was wage based. Our proposal was cost neutral to the Company but we believed it gave relief to the lower paid titles. The Company wouldn’t accept these changes, as much as we tried, they couldn’t understand this plan. Yesterday we moved away from this approach in an effort to get to an agreement; we developed a new comprehensive Healthcare proposal that was presented to the Company. Our proposal protects people from the potential, huge, out of pocket costs while still providing quality coverage. We also compiled a new Employment Security proposal from the limited amount of data the Company supplied to the Union and presented to the Company. The Company responded that they have to deeper dive on our healthcare proposal. Regarding our Employment Security proposal, they feel they need the ability to layoff at will. We maintain that it is the Union's desire to maintain and grow this bargaining unit. This is and has always been about jobs!

We are meeting as a team again early this morning to answer any questions the Company may have on our proposals.

They have not responded to any of the proposals we passed this week, nor have they agreed to T/A the items we agree on.

Make no mistake: your Bargaining Team is committed to negotiate a fair and just contract no matter how long it takes. ONE DAY LONGER AND A WHOLE LOT STRONGER!

Local Update 3/13

Tomorrow is Thursday so remember to wear RED.  We have met with the members of the Legacy T bargaining team and they insured us that they have all of our members best interests in mind when bargaining. They are willing to meet with the company, whom is apparently not willing to change their stance on AT&T's final offer from almost a year ago.
The following represents the currently scheduled VTP/Surplus declaration windows
for represented occupational employees for the year 2019. 
Declaration Date VTP Off Payroll Date Surplus Off Payroll Date
1st Quarter 12/14/2018 01/18/19 02/22/19
2nd Quarter 03/15/19 04/19/19 05/17/19
3rd Quarter 06/14/19 07/19/19 08/23/19
4th Quarter 09/13/19 10/18/19 11/15/19


Local Update

Tomorrow is Thursday so remember to wear RED.

The surplus for all 21 members in Piscataway NJ has been canceled. All 21 will be moved to the Global Provisioning Organization as of Feb 24 to work on a company project for at least 3 months possibly longer.

We encourage everyone to continue to use The Alliance for training and certifications as much as you possibly can.