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To help protect and give members a voice in today's Telecom industry.

CWA 1150 News

Verizon Picket Lines


There is a possibility that our CWA brothers and sisters at Verizon could possibly go on strike tonight. If you see them walking while they are on strike, DO NOT CROSS THEIR PICKET LINES!! You could see them picketing at malls, or at Verizon wireless stores and other work locations. 

This is extremely important for those who work at CoLocations and Cable Stations as you see them daily.


New Wages

As provided in the2015 CWACollective Bargaining Agreement, you will receive a retroactive general increase based onthenew wage rates effective April 12.  Your new wages and retroactive general increase will be included in the followingpaycheck:



Pay Area

Pay Period

Pay Day

Pay check Includes


7/5/15 – 7/18/15


New wages  & retroactive pay to 4/12/15



Legacy T contract Ratified

Legacy T Contract Ratified.  77% Yes vote.

Local Results: 105 yes, 45 No, 3 Void

VTP Announcement

AT&T offered yet another VTP to certain job titles today. 

CWA International News

29 Cricket retail workers in Utah joined CWA.

CWAers attended the annual Pride at Work Convention in Orlando, FL, this week.

More than 3,500 working people, including hundreds of CWAers, showed up in downtown Columbus, OH, last week to protest a summit funded by the billionaire Koch brothers that was all about how to undermine the collective bargaining rights of American workers.

CWA issued this statement on the Aug. 26 murder of two Roanoke, Va., journalists.

Mobilization and rallies continue at Verizon, AT&T Southeast.

NY Attorney General Schneiderman calls for a formal investigation of Verizon.

After three years of negotiations between United Airlines Flight Attendants and the airline, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA) has asked the National Mediation Board (NMB) to step in.

As bargaining for a first contract for 14,500 agents at American Airlines continues this week, passenger service agents are gearing up mobilization and putting management on notice: "we're standing together to get an industry-leading contract by 10-17-15."

CWA Passenger Agents Mobilize for 'Industry Leading Contract' at American; AFA-CWA Files for Federal Mediation in United Airlines Negotiations; New York Attorney General, Consumer Groups Call for Verizon, Telecom Industry Investigation; and more.

Bargaining Update; United Campus Workers Take on Attack by Tennessee Governor; CWA President Shelton Joined Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Institute; Gallup Poll Shows Americans' Opinion of Labor Unions Grows More Favorable; and more.