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To help protect and give members a voice in today's Telecom industry.

CWA International News

Maximus workers are calling on CEO Bruce Caswell to meet with members of their organizing committee immediately.

We have been updating our COVID-19 resource page with new resources to address common questions and concerns that CWA members have as the pandemic continues to affect every aspect of our lives.

On Monday, IUE-CWA members who work at General Electric issued a set of demands, calling on GE to use excess capacity to manufacture much-needed ventilators.

The NewsGuild-CWA is urging Congress to adopt provisions in its next stimulus package that will protect life-saving news operations from devastation.

More than 10,000 Maximus workers at 11 call centers work in close quarters helping Americans get healthcare support.

The grants for the airline industry in the coronavirus relief act that Congress passed last week are supposed to fund paychecks and benefits for two million hourly workers.

Hospitalizations are soaring, and facilities are suffering from extreme shortages of protective equipment, ventilators, tests, and healthcare staff.

CWA has established a memorial page for members who have lost their lives to COVID-19.

T-Mobile is trying to do an end run around the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) approval process, declaring victory on their website for the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger, before the Commission completes its process.

The NewsGuild-CWA is urging Congress to adopt provisions in its next stimulus package that will protect life-saving news operations from devastation.

CWA 1150 News

Corona Virus info



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Local Update

Today is the last day of work for our members in Bedminster and Middletown, NJ.

We have 11 members moving to Atlanta following the Switch and Private Line work, and one moving to Maryland for a NTS position. A few who were being surplused have already found NTS positions in NJ and NY.

For those of you moving out of the region you will be missed and we wish you all the best in your future. 


If any of you need to contact us please fell free to do so.