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Believing he was talking to an out-of-state billionaire who helped bankroll his campaign, union-busting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker spent 20 minutes on the phone Tuesday promising Tea Party financier "David Koch" that he wouldn't back down, no matter what.

Members of Mailers Local 22/CWA Local 14842 at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette were able to fend off draconian cuts thanks to joint bargaining with nine other unions at the newspaper, including TNG-CWA Local 38061 and ITU Local 7/CWA Local 14827.

CWA's first-ever national "Town Hall" phone call drew more than 5,000 participants Wednesday night, as local stewards and officers discussed the high-stakes battles that their governors and legislatures are waging against unions and all working families.

CWA will be hosting a second nationwide phone call at 7:30 p.m. next Wednesday, March 2.

What began in Wisconsin and Ohio is spreading like wildfire across the United States, with huge pro-worker rallies in cities nationwide and a new poll showing Americans strongly support collective bargaining rights for public employees.

Thousands of New Jersey union members and supporters are headed to the state capitol in Trenton right now, to send a message of solidarity to Wisconsin public workers and some advice to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: stop the attacks on public workers.

CWA and other union members who were demonstrating in Ohio even before the Wisconsin protests began, intensified their efforts Tuesday for the fourth hearing on the anti-union Senate Bill 5.

Proving that Gov. Scott Walker is using budget concerns as a cover for union-busting, leaders of state employee unions said they would accept the governor's demands for pension and health care cuts as long as he stops trying to kill collective bargaining rights.

Thousands of union workers are standing strong at the state house in Indianapolis, pushing back against a Republican governor and legislature that wants to weaken workers' collective bargaining rights.

A week of rapidly organized rallies and marches continued today in Wisconsin, drawing tens of thousands of residents to the state capitol to condemn Gov. Scott Walker's attacks on collective bargaining rights for public workers.