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Women workers who are determined to have a voice on the job told their stories at the White House, as part of a forum on women and organizing.

Ohio House Republicans voted Wednesday night to kill collective bargaining rights for 350,000 public workers, but the fight is far from over as unions and their allies prepare to put the issue on the state ballot in November.

The 39 Indiana House Democrats who left the state Feb. 22 to prevent Republicans from ramming through their anti-worker agenda are returning this week after the GOP agreed to drop its "right-to-work" bill and made other concessions.

More than 10,000 people, including a large and spirited CWA contingent, marched through downtown Los Angeles on Saturday to fight for good jobs in their communities and stand with embattled workers across the country.

A CWA member is featured in a new TV ad with other Wisconsin workers who are gathering signatures to recall their state's union-busting senators.

The nearly 3-1 Republican majority in the Florida House has passed a bill banning payroll dues deduction for public sector unions, but a labor alliance is working hard to stop it and other union-busting legislation in the state Senate.

Lobby Day in Missouri drew 400 CWA members to the Missouri state capitol on Wednesday for meetings with lawmakers and their staffs about vital workers' rights and working-family issues.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill this week reducing unemployment benefits, making his the only state that provides just 20 rather than 26 weeks of benefits when workers lose their jobs.

By ordering the removal of a mural depicting the state's labor history, Maine Gov. Paul LePage has jumped head first into the competition among Republican governors to determine who's the most anti-union of them all.

Attacks on labor haven't stopped workers at even the smallest employers from wanting union representation, as evidenced by successful organizing drives at MV Transportation in Seattle and Westlawn Cemetery in Omaha, Neb.