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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has routinely ruled against CWA members and working families.

A group of CWA activists attended the Charlotte City Council meeting last week to raise concerns about working conditions at the city-owned airport.

Bank workers from the Committee for Better Banks, a CWA project, escalated their fight for better working conditions last week.

CWA Local 1298 members in Connecticut gathered for a CWA Runaway Inequality training last week.

CWAers stood in solidarity with AFGE members at a rally in Washington, D.C., this week.

Do you have old photos of you and your co-workers on the picket line, pictures of your family sporting CWA red, or videos of CWA mobilization?

Piedmont agent Heather Hudson shared her powerful personal story of how the American Airlines-owned subsidiary is paying its workers poverty wages at a town hall event hosted by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The latest bargaining information for Verizon, Frontier Communications, and AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T.

Last week, workers at the Verizon Wireless retail store in Hazleton, Pa., voted to join together in a union.

CWA members across New York have been working with other unions and allies to pass legislation to set a safe limit on the number of patients nurses can be assigned.