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Election Committee Needed

Local 1150 Executive Board elections are coming up soon. The Local is asking for 3 members to run the committee. If you are interested you will be able to use unpaid Union excused time off from work (non-Chargeable) and you will be paid by the Local for your time missed from work at your same salary rate. 

If you are running for a position you will not be eligible to be on the election committee.

You must be a member in good standing. 

If you are interested please email the Secretary-Treasurer (Yvonne) at or call Area Director Jay Laughlin if you have questions.

VTP offer 6/15

There was a VTP offer made today from AT&T.

please see the attached document for a complete list.

for our Local it was offered for:

2 Senior Records Clerks, 1 in MIddletown and 1 in Bedminster

1 Reports Clerk in Bedminster.



please direct any questions to the local at


Passing of Member Mark DeSotto

We regret to inform you of the passing of our Union brother Mark DeSotto. Mark worked in the middletown office for almost 40 years. Mark will be greatly missed by many.!/Obituary

Families First Corona virus Response Act Information

click the story title to see attaced document

Corona Virus info


click the news title to see related document. 

Local Update

Today is the last day of work for our members in Bedminster and Middletown, NJ.

We have 11 members moving to Atlanta following the Switch and Private Line work, and one moving to Maryland for a NTS position. A few who were being surplused have already found NTS positions in NJ and NY.

For those of you moving out of the region you will be missed and we wish you all the best in your future. 


If any of you need to contact us please fell free to do so.

Passing of Charlie Murphy Local 1058

We are saddened to inform you that our brother from Local 1058 President Charlie Murphy has passed away on 1/9/20.

Charlie was once a member of Local 1150 and in the 80's he petitioned the national to start Local 1058 to represent the clerical workers in NJ. This was approved and 1058 started with around 3000 members and he remained very active every day since. He has fought and won many grievances at the local and national levels for all union members.

He organized many rallies during bargaining and once he even had over 50 cars of employees to start a parade of members that got a police escort and drove though many of the companies properties and blowing car horns.

There was another time he organized a rally to CEO (at the time) Bob Allen's home in NJ and the members marched down his street carrying a coffin to deliver to his home because our healthcare was a big issue, and let's just say his neighbors were not very happy about it. 


Charlie you did great things for a lot of CWA members and you will be truly missed but never forgotten. Rest easy now brother and we will continue the fight down here.



Retiree Benefit Changes

AT&T bargained employees

Planning for retirement requires careful consideration, and we want to point out an important update to the retirement benefits currently enjoyed by retired AT&T bargained employees.

Once eligible for Medicare, generally at age 65, your primary health insurance coverage transfers to Medicare. The company currently offers a subsidy to eligible retirees to help cover out-of-pocket costs or to purchase incremental coverages, like Medicare Advantage or supplemental coverage.

Here is what’s changing:

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