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Election update

Dear Members,
An error occurred with the voting materials sent on 17 November 2014.  I am very sorry for the inconvenience that it may have caused you and the candidates. 
Those ballots are invalid and cannot be opened.   Therefore, new election materials must be resent to all members as soon as possible.   
The election committee will reconvene on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 9am at the head office to mail out new voting materials.
Fidel Nelson
Election Committee Chairperson

Local 1150 App

The Local 1150 app is now available for android devices.

once downloaded be sure to register so that you can recieve messages and push notifications that will be for our members only.


AT&T Retirees need our help

Dear local 1150 members,

We are asking all of you to sign the petition on the link provided to help our retirees. Please read the letter below from Local 4250 President Steve Tisza.


Sisters & Brothers:

I signed a petition to Randall Stephenson, CEO which says:

"AT&T has over 300,000 current retirees. On December 31, 2014 AT&T Medicare eligible retirees and their Medicare eligible spouses will lose their current group healthcare coverage under the AT&T Group Health Plan. Current AT&T retirees are being forced to enroll in individual health insurance coverage through the AON Retiree Health Exchange for coverage beginning January 1, 2015."

Will you sign this petition? Click here:

In Unity-Strength & Solidarity:

Steve Tisza, President

CWA Local 4250 RMC #210


Sample Ballot

Please see the attached SAMPLE BALLOT. 
Election chair,
Fidel Nelson


CWA Political Endorsements

The CWA has cosen to endorse the following candidates in NJ for this years elections.

US Senate: Cory Booker
cd-1: Don Norcross
cd-2: Frank Lobiondo
cd-3: Aimee Belgard
cd-4: no one
cd-5: Roy Cho
cd-6: Frank Pallone
cd-7: Janice Kovatch
cd-8: I don't think we've made a formal endorsement.  Sort of up to you.
cd-9: bill Pascrell
cd-10: Donald Payne
cd-11: no one
cd-12: Bonnie Watson Coleman
Burlington Freeholder: Tom Pullion and Mike Schmidt
Bergen Executive: Jim Tedesco
West Orange Mayor: Robert Parisi
Yes on paid sich days ordinances in Trenton and Montclair
CWA members running for local office in Hasbrouke Heights, Aberdeen, Edgewater Park and Frenchtown

2014 Executive Board of Directors upcoming Elections and Elected board members

Dear CWA local 1150 members
Re: 2014 Executive Board of Directors upcoming Elections and Elected board members.
We received two nominating Petitions, Nancy Brett & William Naveira, for the office of Vice-President which has resulted in a run-off election.
We received three nominating Petitions, Gerald Laughlin, William Kovacs & Ida Iorio Vitulli, for the office of Area Director which has resulted in a run-off election


2015 Bargaining Survey

Please print a copy of the bargaining survey and fill it out. You can add what you would like to see changed on your next contract at the end. once completed email it to the local at or fax it to the local. 

Nomination Deadline

16 October 2014
Dear Members,
Calls for Nominations and Elections deadline is Monday 20 October 2014 for the offices of  President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasury, Area director, New Jersey Chief Steward, Middletown Steward, and New York Chief Steward. 


AT&T Savings plan changes

Our office was notified by AT&T concerning a savings plan change that impacts certain participants in the following plans:

2015 VTP/Surplus Windows

The following represents the scheduled VTP/Surplus declaration windows for represented occupational employees for the year 2015.
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