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July 20 Bargaing Update.


District 4 and Legacy T both have an agreement “in concept” with the Company on the 2012 Agreement.  Issues have been worked out in subcommittee but still need to be finalized on the record at the Bargaining Table.  Assuming that happens, we will send out more details as soon as they are available, and contract explanation meetings will be held with the Local Presidents.  Of course, any tentative agreement at that table still needs to be ratified by the membership.

Both tables were able to resolve most of our particular “local” issues more than a week ago, but we have been working very hard since then to get every last dollar we could out of the economic package.  We are convinced that our members will be better off at the end of this agreement than they are today and that we made real progress in many areas of the agreement.



Membership Meeting


There will be a general membership meeting this Thursday, June 28th at 5pm at the local's office.

6 Harrison St.

4th floor


bargaining moving slow??

We hear everyday "what is going on with bargaining?" "Why is it taking this long, and moving so slowly?"

Well the best answer is, is that AT&T is trying to take as much as possible from you and our bargaining team is fighting for us as hard as they can!!!

We know for a fact that the company is still having their puppet managers go to contingency training in case we do strike, HELL just look at the photo album we just uploaded of pictures taken 3 days ago in Cherryville NJ.  Some of you might even see some familiar faces, Yes they are out there training on how to climb a telephone pole and do the work that our members do.

Now we ask YOU

What are you doing to help fight for yourselves???  Are you wearing RED on thursday? clicking at 11:50 everyday? Wearing black on Friday?

these are just a few things you can do to help get a FAIR Contract!!

If you choose not to don't worry about it, your so called managers who supposedly give a shit about you and your families will be glad to do your jobs!!!

Bedminster CRE again!!!

Bedminster CRE managers in conjunction with Johnson Control managers are going after our members. How convenient during contract negotiations?!?!

Contract has expired!!

update from the bargaining team as of 12:10am. 


We are NOT on strike. We are working withoout a contract. The sides are very far apart but continue to bargain. 

Mobilization is more important than ever right now!

contract expiration!

our contract expires this saturday at midnight 4/7/12.  We urge all members to be prepared to STRIKE at any moment. It is suggested that any personal items you have at your desks be packed up and brought home with you this thursday, as Friday is a Local 1150 Holiday and most will not be at work. 


any questions please contact the local at

Shame on You!!

Shame on you Bedminster CRE Management!!! You hired contractors to do painting work while you could have used your union represented employees.  We hope you added the additional cost of the grievance procedure to your job total!!

Strike Vote!!

Updated information!


Bedminster location from 8am - 11am on thursday 3/22 see VP Naviera.

Newark, 95 William St, from 12-3pm, VP Naviera will be outside the building look for him.

Local office 6 Harrison St, 4th Floor. 12-2 and 4-6.


If you can not make it to a location you can email your vote to the president at

Also please inform Bill and Vinny of your T-Shirt size, so we can place an order for new ones. Or email it to


Please tell any members you see to insure that they register on this site for the newsletter so they are kept informed of what is going on in the local.

Strike Vote!!

This Tuesday we will start collecting strike ballots.

from 3pm-5pm 30 Knightsbridge Road. conference room 2

Please try to attend to cast your vote.

If you need further info please see your shop steward or local officer. 


Also NYC will be collecting ballots at the Local's Headquarters on Thursday March 22nd from noon-2pm and 4-6pm.

6 Harrison Street 4th Floor.

30 days until Legacy T contract expires!!

Will AT&T work with us to protect

good middle-class jobs—or will it

follow competitors down the low

road, with layoffs, cost shifting,

and outsourcing?


Please print the flyer and post it in your work locations..


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