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Bargaining report #37

The Bargaining Team met with the Company this morning. The Company passed proposals on DTV which for the most part were rejections of our previous proposals. The Bargaining Team feels that there were no gains for our DTV members in their proposals. This is an insult to our Brothers and Sisters and we are committed to bargain for fair and just treatment for our members in the DTV Memorandum Of Agreement. TURN IT UP DTV! We need your participation and support.

here we go again

So we are still working without a contract, and the threat of a strike is still a possibility and you know what?  AT&T doesn't care!! 

Wear RED on Thursdays, click, clap, bang just do something everyday so management knows your pissed off!! This is for all of our futures, job security, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, job skills training, pay increases and more. AT&T wants to get rid of all of these things and leave you with nothing, all while possibly even surplusing you! 

Latest Bargaining Report

This afternoon the Bargaining Team passed a comprehensive proposal on DirecTV.  In addition we passed proposals on Article 21 (Excused Work Days), The Career Support Coorindator Position and CWA-COPE PAC.  We rejected the Company's proposal on Electronic Monitoring.

The Company rejected our proposals on Relocation Pay in Articles 16 and 24.  The Company also rejected the following Union proposals under Article 43:

  • Minimum Interval Differential
  • Shifted Tour Differential
  • On Call Payments (increase)
  • Certification Incentive Payment Program (increase)
  • Sunday Differential
  • Relief/Meal Period
  • Add Operations Specialist to Certifications

As you can see the list of rejections continues to get longer.  It is clear that the Company has no interest in even incremental improvements for our members.

Let the Company know loud and clear it is time to agree to a fair and just contract.


No agreement was made

Brothers and Sisters,

We were unable to reach an agreement by expiration so we will work without a contract until further notice.

Let the Company know loud and clear it is time to agree to a fair and just contract.

Remember, the Company’s net profit in 2017 was $29.3 billion. That equates to $80,273,972 a day, including holidays (that’s like you winning the Powerball every day of the year).

Contract Expires Soon!

Brothers & Sisters,
Today is the last Thursday to wear RED before our contract expires this weekend, So we ask you to ALL please wear a red shirt to show your unity and to let AT&T know we are in this fight together! on Friday please wear Black and remember to pack your personal items to take home in case of a strike.  We will update you over the weekend with details of bargaining and if we do happen to STRIKE!!

Bargaining report #19

This is the report you do not want to skip. i could go on about how disgusting this one is and all the benefits they rejected and want to eliminate. Like JOG and termination pay. You guys want to understand why we need to mobilize and let the company know we aren't going to sit back and just watch them get rid of us like we are sitting ducks, THIS IS WHY!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE WEARING RED TOMORROW!! Don't just tap a pen or click, BANG ON THE DESK AND LET THEM KNOW THIS IS BULLSHIT!! end of rant. i'd say enjoy reading this report but you won't. so enjoy your day!!

Latest Bargaining Report

Today the Bargaining Team met with the Company.

The Bargaining Team rejected the following proposals to eliminate:

  • Letters regarding Metro Segments (m), (s)
  • Letter (xx) for CSSS-C – Title Change
  • Article 11 –Mediation
  • Joint Health Care Cost Containment Committee
  • Reduce Career Coordinator from two to one


Bargaining report #13

Remember to wear RED tomorrow!

Today the Bargaining Team met with the Company.

Your Bargaining Team presented:

  • USVI - Differentials
  • USVI - Certification Payment Program
  • USVI - Layoff Allowance
  • Appendix 2 - Increase Special City Allowances
  • Appendix 2 - Include Greenwood Village in Special City Allowance
  • Employment Security - CWA
  • Job Security
  • Amended proposals for Relief/Meal language for Articles 41 & 43

The Company had answers for our questions from yesterday.  The Company also presented:

  • Another proposal on consolidation of titles, along with elimination of some unpopulated titles


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