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Bargaining report #7

Bargaining resumed this morning:

  • The Company passed a proposal on the duration of the contract
  • The Company passed a proposal on Article 9 grievance procedure
  • The Company passed a proposal on Article 17 carry forward no changes
  • The Company passed a proposal on Employment security-CWA (page 257) which is EXTREMELY RETROGRESSIVE, the intent would be to significantly reduce the bargaining unit nationwide

The Company rejected the following Union proposals:


Bargaining report #6

March 12, 2018
Bargaining resumed this morning:
  • The Company passed a proposal in Article 20 to limit the number of paid sick days for all employees with 3 or more years’ service to 5 days.
  • The Union rejected the proposal on Article 20 this afternoon.
  • The Union also rejected the company proposal to eliminate language on Metro Segments Compensation Plan in Appendix 4
  • The Union also rejected the company proposal to eliminate appendix 6
The Union passed proposals on the following demands:
  • Article 6 Increasing the time allotted for New Hire Orientation
  • Article 7.3 Outlining Employee data on Monthly basis
  • Article 14 Adding new language on Safety Clothing (ARC Flash)
  • Article 21 Union proposed flexibility to use all 5 days in increments
  • Article 41 New language adding Relief/Meals periods
  • Article 43 New Language adding Relief/Meal periods
Bargaining is scheduled to resume tomorrow and we will continue to work toward a fair and just contract for all.

Bargaining report #4

Bargaining Report – #4 – March 9, 2018

Today the Company passed a proposal that would strip protections in our monitoring language, ultimately harming our members and resulting in discipline.

Then Union spent most of the day reviewing the Companies proposals and preparing responses.

Bargaining will resume tomorrow.


Bargaining Update



To paraphrase a line from a classic novel:  “this is the best of times, and it is the worst of times.”  The phrase certainly applies to AT&T and its Union workers.

Let’s start with the best of times:


volunteers for mobilization team

Brothers and Sisters,

our AT&T contract expires on April 15th. We are looking for volunteers to participate in mobilization training. Want to help your office learn why wearing red on thursdays helps during contract bargaining? what can you do to get the company to realize we are united in our efforts to fight for a fair contract? please call your Chief and let them know you are interested. Please be advised there is limited seating for the training sessions and all payroll and travel expenses will be reimbursed by the Local.


March 6,  80 PIne ST,  NYC 8:30am-4:30pm

March 7,  Alliance Headquarters, 80 Cottontail Lane, Somerset NJ, 8:30am-4:30pm


NY Chief: John Faranda,  516-417-7324

NJ Chief,  LaVonne MItchell,  732-310-7775



Local Election Results

We, the 2017 election Committee, are pleased to inform you of the 2017 run-off election results.

Elected …………. Mr. Jay Laughlin….. Area Director

Elected…………… Mr. John Faranda ….. NY Chief Steward.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who put their names forward.  If you were unsuccessful in this election, I hope to see your name(s) in future elections.

Local 1150 Elections

14 November 2017
Dear CWA local 1150 members
Re: 2017 Executive Board of Directors upcoming Elections and Elected board members.
We received two nominating Petitions, Richard McManus & John Faranda, for the office of NY Chief Steward which has resulted in a run-off election due on 4 December 2017.
We received two nominating Petitions, Gerald Laughlin & Patrick Lyons, for the office of Area Director which has resulted in a run-off election
The election for NY Chief Steward and Area Director is by secret ballot only, and by members in good standing. Please be on the lookout for Elections mail in the coming weeks.
Please congratulate your new board of directors whom have been elected, unopposed, as a result of submitting their nomination applications for the offices of
President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and New Jersey Chief Steward.
Elected……………….. President………………..Mr. Vincent Whitley
Elected…………..Vice-President……………….Mr. William Naveira
Elected...................Secretary/Treasurer...............Mrs. Yvonne Pacheco
Elected.................... New Jersey Chief Steward………Mrs. LaVonne Butts Mitchell
We would like to thank everyone who put their names forward. If you were unsuccessful in this nomination, we hope to see your name(s) in future elections.
Thanks for your submissions and time.
Fidel Nelson,
Cliff Pacheco

General Membership Meeting

Please be advised that there will be a general membership meeting on November 9th at 5pm, 6 Harrison Street, NY, NY, 4th Floor, Conference Room.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Brothers and Sisters,


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In support of the survivors and in memory of those who have lost their battle, “Think Pink” Fridays for the remainder of the month to show our support.  Please join us each Friday and wear a pink tshirt, shirt or some article of clothing in pink to support the cause.

Also, please remind your loved ones to make sure they have their annual mammograms. 

The link below will provide some beneficial information that every woman needs to know.

Please provide the link to someone you know.  It may make a difference in someone’s life.

info for AT&T Members

This first section is for Article 43 eligible members only!
As you all know our contract is expiring soon, a major factor in keeping the Alliance benefit for everyone will be the Article 43 benefit. Please take the time to complete the survey in the link below. 
Please click the button to see more info.


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