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It seems AT&*T doesnt care at all about you!!

With just barely over a day left  AT&T clearly doesnt give a flying crap about us. 

a week away and AT&T still wants to hurt you.

Here is the latest report from our bargaining team.

So managers get paid more money than us and now they want us to pay the same amount they do for benefits, yet they don't want to pay us any more money. 

The contract expires this Saturday at 11:59pm. are you ready to fight for your benefits and for your future? how about for the fact that you don't want to pay upwards of 10k for benefits. We always hear about no overtime?, they are docking my night diff for 1 day to go to training?!. If you have ever thought this, then you need to be ready to stand up to the company and go on strike and fight for yourselves.



Strike Vote = YES!!

Bargaining Report #19

More SH_t Sandwich from AT&T

We are reccomening a YES vote for a strike.  This is our power to tell the company we will not accept there shit sandwich offers at bargaining. Everything the company has proposed involves costing you more money out of your pocket. Meanwhile they keep fattening there own.

Stand up and tell AT&T to shove there proposals!!

I hope you all are reading these bargaining reports from the national. I hope you all are getting as pissed off as we are! theses proposals are a joke. They want to shift all medical costs on you, and then they even have the ordasity to say the dont want to pay for overtime. so even more cost out of your pocket.  

MOBILIZE MOBILIZE MOBILIZE, wear a red shirt on thursdays, post signs up that your angry about there non negotiating tactics. if you need mobilization supplies contact the local and we will get them to you.

here is the latest report with more of AT&T non-sense.

Strike Preparation

Our contract expires at midnight on April 11th. prepare yourselves incase of a strike.

Over the next 10 days your shop stewards will be conducting a strike vote. we highly encourage you to vote YES!!

See the attached flyer. 

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