Bargaining Update

The Union and the Company met today informally, they gave us a demonstration of the better off calculator that was sent to the membership on 5/22/18. As you know the company sent this out to the members without the bargaining committee knowing, which we view as direct dealing, a violation under the NLRA. The Bargaining Team had several questions on what factors are used in making the calculations. The calculator works for an estimate but is not really as accurate as we would have expected. For example, the company uses averages in several parts of the calculator, while making you feel like it is tailored to you with the information you enter on the basic information sheet. What it did show is the Hugh disparities between in how much better off the members in progression as well as different titles would be treated. The leveraged titles are also not as accurate as we would have expected and that raises concern when using the calculator to make decisions.

The Company did respond to a data request but we still have outstanding requests that we need to truly understand the impact to our members as well as formulate our proposals. Some of the data we have been receiving actually supports our positions more than makes us understand the company needs to change.

We are more than ever determined to bargain until we reach a fair and just contract for our members.

The Union did reject the company offer and we are waiting for the company to respond to our proposals.