here we go again

So we are still working without a contract, and the threat of a strike is still a possibility and you know what?  AT&T doesn't care!! 

Wear RED on Thursdays, click, clap, bang just do something everyday so management knows your pissed off!! This is for all of our futures, job security, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, job skills training, pay increases and more. AT&T wants to get rid of all of these things and leave you with nothing, all while possibly even surplusing you! 

If you dont care about your future in this company or what your contract has in it then do nothing, but don't complain when your fired or paying out your ass for medical benefits. 


here is the latest bargaining report,, by the way they want to take away yet another benefit:

The Bargaining Team met with the Company today to receive a proposal to eliminate the funding of the Alliance by September 30, 2019.

This is a clear indication that this Company has no interest in moving this contract forward. Despite our outrage we remain focused and determined to bring in a fair and just contract.