VTP/Surplus Info

In true AT&T fashion they have kept with the legend of Friday the 13th. 
Today AT&T has announced a major hit to Local 1150 members. Specifically to our LNS maintenance center in Bedminster NJ. This office has been impacted at this time last year by the layoff of 21 employees then, and today the remaining 26 were notified of the surplus. The office is closing and the work is moving to Atlanta. They were offered to follow the work to Atlanta, but with a title change to Comm Tech. Which we all know AT&T has been getting rid of all the people with that title as well. The reason for the title change is so our members can go down there and be on the low end of the seniority list and also to train the people there how to do th work, because they don't have a clue.
We also have a member in Middletown NJ that is surplussed as well, 1 Production Specialist.
We are truly sorry to inform you of this news and that it has affected our members and their families.
VTP only 3 Comm techs in Greenwood Village, CO
Computer Network Clerk:    1  Bridgeton, MO
Customer Maintenance Technician:  6  Bedminster, NJ
Customer Switch Technician:  20  Bedminster, NJ
Production Specialist:  1  Middletown, NJ
Special Billing Clerk:  1  Lisle, IL