What an AMAZING Day!!!

Brothers and Sisters,

There is no bargaining update for today as of yet, But let us tell you this. Today was all about YOU!! Trust me the bargaining team was kept up to date immediately as actions happened in our local. Every office had full participation in the Unfair Labor Practice Strike today, Piscataway NJ, Freehold NJ, Middletown NJ, Bedminster NJ, 33 Thomas ST in NYC, Dix Hills Long Island, White Plains NY, Huntington Long Island, OSWF techs, and this is for every tour today. Also as a side note Local 1058 members walked with us today as well and we can not thank them enough for joining us in standing united. 

The Bargaining team and the Local mobilization team worked hard to make this happen. Cliff Pacheco you sir did an amazing job, as well as all of the stewards and members.

We are UNITED and stronger than ever, This company knows we are not taking the BS FINAL OFFER and they can shove it!!


Pictures from around the local have been posted to our facebook page and in a folder on our website here  http://cwalocal1150.org/album/2018-legacy-t-bargaining-mobilization.


again thank you all for making today so successful it was a beautiful sight to see all of you out there fighting for a fair contract and for yourselves and each other. 


Have a great night.

Local 1150