Contract vote

Dear members,

The contract was voted upon by the members of all the locals and has passed.  We would like to thank all of the members in Local 1150 who returned a ballot as well. The numbers for the local were 40 YES and 90 NO. Which is just over 1/2 of our members voting, so again thank you!!

Tentative Agreement has been reached

The bargaining team has reach a tentative agreement with AT&T on a new contract. We do not have the details of it yet. Once we do we will share them with you all.

Bargaining Report #90

Almost a year ago your Union Bargaining Team created a Healthcare proposal that was wage based. Our proposal was cost neutral to the Company but we believed it gave relief to the lower paid titles. The Company wouldn’t accept these changes, as much as we tried, they couldn’t understand this plan. Yesterday we moved away from this approach in an effort to get to an agreement; we developed a new comprehensive Healthcare proposal that was presented to the Company. Our proposal protects people from the potential, huge, out of pocket costs while still providing quality coverage. We also compiled a new Employment Security proposal from the limited amount of data the Company supplied to the Union and presented to the Company. The Company responded that they have to deeper dive on our healthcare proposal. Regarding our Employment Security proposal, they feel they need the ability to layoff at will. We maintain that it is the Union's desire to maintain and grow this bargaining unit. This is and has always been about jobs!

We are meeting as a team again early this morning to answer any questions the Company may have on our proposals.

They have not responded to any of the proposals we passed this week, nor have they agreed to T/A the items we agree on.

Make no mistake: your Bargaining Team is committed to negotiate a fair and just contract no matter how long it takes. ONE DAY LONGER AND A WHOLE LOT STRONGER!


We are still working without a contract. The bargaining team went home at the end of August because AT&T refuses to negotiate a contract. and as of right now they still have made no effort to meet with our bargaining team. Locals across the nation are still mobilizing by wearing red, clicking, handing out flyers and educating the public. We ask that you do the same for each other and yourselves. We are almost at the 6 month mark of working without a contract. This is not how a company that cares about it's employees behaves. 

What an AMAZING Day!!!

Brothers and Sisters,

There is no bargaining update for today as of yet, But let us tell you this. Today was all about YOU!! Trust me the bargaining team was kept up to date immediately as actions happened in our local. Every office had full participation in the Unfair Labor Practice Strike today, Piscataway NJ, Freehold NJ, Middletown NJ, Bedminster NJ, 33 Thomas ST in NYC, Dix Hills Long Island, White Plains NY, Huntington Long Island, OSWF techs, and this is for every tour today. Also as a side note Local 1058 members walked with us today as well and we can not thank them enough for joining us in standing united. 

Bargaining Update #72

Dear Members,
Before reading this report we want y ou to know that the bargining team has your best interest in mind and are working hard to get us all a fair contract. Pleae call or see your shop stewards for an update on any mobilization activities or questions about negotiations. The company is sending you emails to agree to the BULLSHIT FINAL OFFER that they emailed out, because they are not showing you all of the details and they are not even available for you to see! Why? because in the details they are screwing you over and dont even have the decency or respect to let you see this. Keep up the mobilization efforts. 
In Unity,
Local 1150

Bargaining Update

The Union and the Company met today informally, they gave us a demonstration of the better off calculator that was sent to the membership on 5/22/18. As you know the company sent this out to the members without the bargaining committee knowing, which we view as direct dealing, a violation under the NLRA. The Bargaining Team had several questions on what factors are used in making the calculations. The calculator works for an estimate but is not really as accurate as we would have expected. For example, the company uses averages in several parts of the calculator, while making you feel like it is tailored to you with the information you enter on the basic information sheet. What it did show is the Hugh disparities between in how much better off the members in progression as well as different titles would be treated. The leveraged titles are also not as accurate as we would have expected and that raises concern when using the calculator to make decisions.

The Company did respond to a data request but we still have outstanding requests that we need to truly understand the impact to our members as well as formulate our proposals. Some of the data we have been receiving actually supports our positions more than makes us understand the company needs to change.

We are more than ever determined to bargain until we reach a fair and just contract for our members.

The Union did reject the company offer and we are waiting for the company to respond to our proposals.


Bargaining Update

The Bargaining Team did not meet with the Company today. We instructed the CWA Legal Department to file an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge with the NLRB against AT&T. We do not have a tentative agreement with AT&T so for them to request a vote from the Membership is absurd. The Bargaining Team has remained ready to negotiate with the Company as we wait for the Company to provide the economic data that will affect our Members’ future.


Bargaining Update

Well there seems to be a little progress today, but this isn't close to being over as you will see none of the major items are any closer. The bargaining team will meet again today.
We met with the Company this morning and reached TAs on the following:
Article 3 – Definitions
Article 16 – Transfers, Travel Allowance and Moving Expenses
Article 21 – Excused Work Days
Article 24 – Force Adjustment
Article 33 – Computer Services
Article 34 – AT&T Labs
Article 35 – Sales
Article 36 – Support
Article 37 – Operator Services
Article 41 – Communication Services
Article 44 – Customer Network Services
Article 45 – Local Network Services
Alternate Work Schedules
Electronic Monitoring
The Bargaining Team met with the Company this afternoon to receive Company Sub-Package Proposal – CO4 regarding DTV. We had discussion about this proposal and will review the language. We are making some progress but our priority issues (job security, healthcare, pensions, wages and Alliance) remain unresolved.


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