Local Update 3/13

Tomorrow is Thursday so remember to wear RED.  We have met with the members of the Legacy T bargaining team and they insured us that they have all of our members best interests in mind when bargaining. They are willing to meet with the company, whom is apparently not willing to change their stance on AT&T's final offer from almost a year ago.
The following represents the currently scheduled VTP/Surplus declaration windows
for represented occupational employees for the year 2019. 
Declaration Date VTP Off Payroll Date Surplus Off Payroll Date
1st Quarter 12/14/2018 01/18/19 02/22/19
2nd Quarter 03/15/19 04/19/19 05/17/19
3rd Quarter 06/14/19 07/19/19 08/23/19
4th Quarter 09/13/19 10/18/19 11/15/19