What's going on?

In 2 months we will be 1 year from contract expiration, so tiome to prepare for another fight with the company.

look at this website for some useful info if your paying for college for you or your kids. Savings and Discounts for Union Members | Union Plus

The current officer have all be sworn in for the next 3 years. 

The space that Local 1150 is renting right now is being closed by the company and they have offered us a new space a few blocks over and they are covering all the moving expenses as well. So as far as the local is concerned the only thing changing is our address. The new address will be posted once we have moved in.


Article 43 members please fill out the survey that was sent to you.

Just as an FYI the CWA and ATT are looking for a new vendor to provide classes in the future.


Reminder: Wear a red shirt on Thursdays.