Strike Vote!!

This Tuesday we will start collecting strike ballots.

from 3pm-5pm 30 Knightsbridge Road. conference room 2

Please try to attend to cast your vote.

If you need further info please see your shop steward or local officer. 


Also NYC will be collecting ballots at the Local's Headquarters on Thursday March 22nd from noon-2pm and 4-6pm.

6 Harrison Street 4th Floor.

30 days until Legacy T contract expires!!

Will AT&T work with us to protect

good middle-class jobs—or will it

follow competitors down the low

road, with layoffs, cost shifting,

and outsourcing?


Please print the flyer and post it in your work locations..


2012 bargaining day 1


The officers and stewards of the local would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in our mobilization efforts today, It was the first step among many more job actions we will take until we do get a fair contract. please read the below update from our bargaining team.


Piscataway Management already getting upset!!

A big round of applause to our local's Customer Switch & Maintenance Technicians in Piscataway NJ!!!!

Today our brothers and sisters have started hanging up our Impeach Stephenson flyers outside their cubicles and the company managers told them to remove the signs and said that they could take action against them.

This is fantastic, ok so the flyers comedown, no worries there is plenty more we can do together. Over the years our local has been known to fight for what we believe in and we will continue to do so!!



Bargaining Begins Feb 29!!

Brothers and sisters,


The Bargaining for our 2012 contract begins next week, Feb 29.  Our contract ends April 9th. We are asking all members to participate in our mobilization efforts. The more we stand together the stronger we are!!! 


Our first request is that everyone go to our forms and downloads section and under officail documents print out the impeach Stephenson document and put it up in your cubicles ASAP. If you have anyideas or have any questions about our activites or what is going on feel free to speak to any officer or steward of the local.


Let's Show AT&T we are not going to bear the repercussions of their IDIOCY!!!

AT&T Surplus Announcement

NTS Title

Surplus + VTP

1 in GCA 101 Shirley, Long Island

4 in GCA 104,  New York

1 in GCA 84,  Freehold, NJ

Piscataway, NJ

VTP Only

3 Customer Switch Technicians

3 Customer Maintenance Technicians

Message from the President!


This is Vinny Whitley President of CWA Local 1150

It’s Friday December 9th 2011 4:30 pm

AT&T is in the holiday mode once again

The 1st Surplus/VTP offer for 2012

Is next Thursday December 15th 2011

There will be a membership meeting Next Wednesday December 14thin Piscataway NJ @ 5pm

Bill Naveira is Elected Vice President

This is Vinny Whitley President of CWA Local 1150.

The results of the election for Vice President have been confirmed by the election committee.

Total ballots counted were 96.

5 were voided,

valid ballots counted 91

Nancy Brett 33

William (Bill) Naveira) 58

Bill is elected Vice President of the local!

I would like to thank Fidel Nelson and the rest of the election committe for all of their hard work.

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