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The Bargaining Team met with the Company today.
The Company pointed out to us that our bargaining report from June 1, 2018 had a mistake in it. They brought to our attention that the 38,000 unpaid hours that DTV drives to their first job and then driving home was not over a 2 year period but in a 10 month period. Your Bargaining Team sincerely apologizes for this error. To think that those hours equate to 18 years without compensation over 2 years when actually it is only over a 10 a month period is absolutely astonishing and need we say, appalling. Here’s a big shout out to the Company for pointing out this correction to us.
We also have been notified that the Company sent another email out to the Members today brow beating them into believing there is a contract to vote on. We have not reached a tentative agreement; we rejected their final proposal last week. They stated today that they have continued to meet with the Union in good faith in an effort to bring this process to a close and reach a fair agreement. They failed to mention to you that they have never completely finished covering the Bargaining Team on their Comprehensive Final Offer package from May 22, 2018. Also they haven’t explained to you the impact, truly what their proposal on integrating the RX in Option 1, would cost you over the life of the agreement or that they want to diminish your absence illness benefits for example. They try to give you some of the highlights they feel are good but they aren’t really being as transparent as they want you to believe. We are trying to understand the true and total impact of their proposal.
At the table today, they advised us they are concerned that the duration of the contract is causing stress to our Members. The Company wants you to believe that they are proposing to continue with job security but again fail to inform you the percentages they have proposed. None of these proposals meet the goals we were charged with achieving in this round of bargaining by our Members. If the Company was really committed to relieving our Members’ stress on the job, they would accept our proposals on job security and employment security.
The Union still has several Requests for Information (RFI’s) that have not been answered or have been answered with inaccuracies; this is necessary and relevant information which we need to determine how that data impacts our Members economically and the total value of our healthcare in the future.
The Company again today continues to demonstrate their disinterest in improving the working conditions and compensation for the DTV unit.
The Mobilization has been great. Keep up the good work!
We are all proud to be representing a rank and file that continues to sacrifice and stays strong in this struggle.
We continue to be available to the Company to bargain for a fair and just contract.

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Bargaining Update

We held a President’s conference call to explain what happened yesterday while we were at the bargaining table trying to understand the proposal the Company passed. They could not explain to us the economic components so we could even understand or fully consider their proposal. We requested several Request for Data (RFI’s), which they have been reluctant to provide to us in a timely manner, so that we could better understand their proposal and formulate Union counter proposals.

Wear RED on Thursday, and participate in all mobilization efforts, Let them know what they are doing is bullshit!!

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