Executive Board Positions

Petitions are now being accepted for all offices in the Locals Executive Board. 

They will be accepted between today October 6, and must be in to the local by October 26. 

Surplus/VTP Announcement

This is Vinny Whitley President of CWA Local 1150. 

Today is Thursday September 15th 2011 3:30pm.

AT&T has announced another surplus/VTP offer.

The nationwide surplus # is 45, with Pittsburgh being hit the hardest with 33 surplus members.

There is no surplus or VTP in this local.

There are 6 Comm tech jobs open in Atlanta, Ga, Please check ATS for these openings.

See video
Mobilizing againt AT&T

It's never too soon!!

Before you now it April 2012 will be here!!

December 15, 2010

Message from President Vinny Whitley.

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