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Retirees need our help!

Retirees are the backbone of the labor movement and the corporations they worked for. They have paved the way for the generations of workers that follow in their footsteps. Union retirees stood for a vision and battling corporate greed they built the foundation of our great Unions.


please help our retirees by going to and signig the petition.


DO NOT use company equipment to surf the internet!! This is a direct violation of the code of conduct and you CAN and WILL BE FIRED!!  If you do not understand this please speak to a shop steward or officer of the local.  If you think this corporate policy is a joke as an FYI there has been recent discipline issued under these circumstances. Do not look at anything on the internet that is not needed to do your job, EVER!!!

AT&T Surplus/VTP Declaration Windows

The following represents the scheduled VTP/Surplus declaration windows for
represented occupational employees for the year 2014. As you know, these
windows are established routinely and may not be an all-inclusive list of potential
                          Announce to  Employee              VTP Off Payroll Date       Surplus Off Payroll Date
2ndQuarter                  03/14/14                                     04/18/14                          05/16/14
3rd Quarter                  06/13/14                                     07/18/14                          08/15/14
4th Quarter                  09/15/14                                     10/17/14                          11/14/14

the not so Successful Sharing Plan

Our office has received some inquiries regarding the SSP payout that is normally deposited into employee HRA accounts.  However, because the closing stock price on September 30, 2013, of $33.82, was lower than the opening stock price, of $37.75 on October 1, 2012, (down 10.41%) there will be no payout this year. The "Stock Appreciation Award Value" is only paid out when the stock price increases.   We do not get the dividend payout since we traded that in bargaining to cover the increases in the Cash Balance Account.

general membership meeting

There will be a general membership meeting on Tuesday December 10th at the local headquarters @ 5:00PM. 6 Harrison St, 4th floor NY, NY 10013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

NOV 15 VTP Announcement

On Friday NOV 15 there was a VTP offer in AT&T. This affected a total of 44 CWA members. IN Local 1150 is was offered to our Customer Switch Techs, and Customer Maintenance Techs in Piscataway.

Veterans Day

Local 1150 would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all the veterans of our local. The sacrifices you, your family members, and your friends have made defending our country provide us the freedoms that we have in life today.  As a union we are very big on fighting for each other and looking out for each others best interest, and with that being said there is no bigger show of unity than our US Armed Forces members.   So whether you served in the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, or Marine Corps we say thank you for your service and a sincere thank you to all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Happy Veterans Day from CWA Local 1150.

Get Out and VOTE!!!!

On Tuesday November 5, 2013 there is a Mayoral election in NY, The CWA and Local 1150 are supporting Bill de Blasio.  In New Jersey there is an election for Governor, and the CWA and 1150 are both supporting Barbara Bouno. We ask all of you to get out and vote.

Retiree Healthcare

AT&T Retiree Health Care Increases
Despite the fact that retiree health care is not a "mandatory subject of bargaining," which means that the company is not forced to bargain this issue with us, in fact many companies still  voluntarily agree to bargain retiree health care.  AT&T has not and has imposed large increases on our retirees, which are particularly difficult for retirees on fixed incomes.
Just because we can't legally force them to bargain over this issue dues not mean our members and retirees should not let AT&T know, loud and clear, that this is the WRONG thing to do.
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