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General Membership Meeting

There will be a general membership meeting at the local office on Friday, May 15th at 5pm.
6 Harrison St
4th Floor

Back to the bargaining table

The company has advised the bargaining team they are ready to do serious bargaining. Hopefully this isn't another stall tactic by AT&T.

CA members info picket sick policy

One of our shop stewards found this article tonight and after reading it and watching the video it reminded us of some of our offices in AT&T. This seems to be a new practice at this location, but we know here in NY & NJ it is common practice that we consistently fight with management about. 

Thank you Adam Z for sharing this and thank you Local 9511 for keeping up the fight.

Bargaining Report #36

Whit some talk going on, AT&T still isn't working on our key issues.

Bargaining Report #35

here is the latest report

Bargaining Report #34

Today the bargaining team withdrew there proposals and walked out on the company because the company is playing a game with them and with your future. They clearly do not care about us and think it is ok to waste time and not bargain in good faith. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!! and neither will the bargaining team.  Keep up your mobilization efforts, and better yet increase them.  They need to know we are serious and that we could still STRIKE at anytime if they continue there games at the bargaining table!!

Report #30

Your bargaining team is fighting for a good contract for you. What are you doing? See your shop stewards for mobilization activities and if you have any ideas share them with your people. Keep up the fight.


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