Bargaining Report #90

Almost a year ago your Union Bargaining Team created a Healthcare proposal that was wage based. Our proposal was cost neutral to the Company but we believed it gave relief to the lower paid titles. The Company wouldn’t accept these changes, as much as we tried, they couldn’t understand this plan. Yesterday we moved away from this approach in an effort to get to an agreement; we developed a new comprehensive Healthcare proposal that was presented to the Company. Our proposal protects people from the potential, huge, out of pocket costs while still providing quality coverage. We also compiled a new Employment Security proposal from the limited amount of data the Company supplied to the Union and presented to the Company. The Company responded that they have to deeper dive on our healthcare proposal. Regarding our Employment Security proposal, they feel they need the ability to layoff at will. We maintain that it is the Union's desire to maintain and grow this bargaining unit. This is and has always been about jobs!

We are meeting as a team again early this morning to answer any questions the Company may have on our proposals.

They have not responded to any of the proposals we passed this week, nor have they agreed to T/A the items we agree on.

Make no mistake: your Bargaining Team is committed to negotiate a fair and just contract no matter how long it takes. ONE DAY LONGER AND A WHOLE LOT STRONGER!