Bargaining Update

Well there seems to be a little progress today, but this isn't close to being over as you will see none of the major items are any closer. The bargaining team will meet again today.
We met with the Company this morning and reached TAs on the following:
Article 3 – Definitions
Article 16 – Transfers, Travel Allowance and Moving Expenses
Article 21 – Excused Work Days
Article 24 – Force Adjustment
Article 33 – Computer Services
Article 34 – AT&T Labs
Article 35 – Sales
Article 36 – Support
Article 37 – Operator Services
Article 41 – Communication Services
Article 44 – Customer Network Services
Article 45 – Local Network Services
Alternate Work Schedules
Electronic Monitoring
The Bargaining Team met with the Company this afternoon to receive Company Sub-Package Proposal – CO4 regarding DTV. We had discussion about this proposal and will review the language. We are making some progress but our priority issues (job security, healthcare, pensions, wages and Alliance) remain unresolved.