Retiree Benefit Changes

AT&T bargained employees

Planning for retirement requires careful consideration, and we want to point out an important update to the retirement benefits currently enjoyed by retired AT&T bargained employees.

Once eligible for Medicare, generally at age 65, your primary health insurance coverage transfers to Medicare. The company currently offers a subsidy to eligible retirees to help cover out-of-pocket costs or to purchase incremental coverages, like Medicare Advantage or supplemental coverage.

Here is what’s changing:

Individuals who retire on or after Jan. 1, 2021 will no longer qualify for a company subsidy once they are eligible for Medicare. This does not change medical coverage prior to qualifying for Medicare.

We continue to provide our current eligible retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare with some of the best health care coverage in America, and we remain one of only about a quarter of large firms that offer retiree health benefits.

Below are additional resources to learn more about other retirement benefits.


  • Use this Retirement Guide to help you prepare.
  • If you need help refining or creating a retirement savings plan, take advantage of the Fidelity planning tools and Financial Engines.
  • Thinking about what healthcare coverage you might need? Call the AT&T Benefits Center at 877-722-0020.
  • You can also review the Where to Go Guide for contact information of all AT&T benefits providers.