CWA Local 1150 Contact List
(bolded names are members of the Local Executive Board)


Vincent Whitley, President, 212-925-6650
William Naveira, Vice President, 917-796-5754
Yvonne Pacheco, Secretary-Treasurer, 212-925-6651
Jay Laughlin, Area Director,  609-903-2632
NEW JERSEY Shop Stewards
NJ Chief Steward, Janice Hennings,  732-861-8940
Eric Mojica,  732-772-5040
Marc Figueiras, 732-420-3131
Karen Melander, 908-872-1278
NEW YORK Shop Stewards
NY Chief Steward, John Faranda, 516-417-7324
Mike Belfiore, 212-449-0080
Ed Softy, 516-281-6003
Mike Kane, 914-548-0297

Cell Numbers:  
Vinny Whitley,  President, 917-796-0324
Bill Naveira, Vice President, 917-796-575
Yvonne Pacheco, Secretary-Treasurer, 917-723-1584
John Faranda, NY Chief Steward, 516-417-7324

Janice Hennings, NJ Chief Steward, 732-861-8940
E-mail address: