Local 1150 Elections

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Article XIII – Nominations and Elections Nominations and elections for any office of this Local shall be held in accordance with Article XV, Section 3 and 4 of the Union Constitution and applicable Federal laws. Section 1- Nominations

A. On or before the 20th day of October of every third year, beginning with the election of 1972, notification shall be given, by the Executive Board to the membership, of a nominating period for the election of: 1. President 2. Vice-President 3. Secretary-Treasurer 4. Chief Stewards 5. Area Directors

B. Candidates for Chief Steward and Area Directors shall be nominated form those members who spend the most time working in the jurisdiction of the office they are seeking.

C. A nominating period of 20 days shall be proclaimed.

D. A nominating petition containing the signatures of 4% of members in good standing (rounded out to the next highest number) shall be required for President, VicePresident, and Secretary-Treasurer. 2% (rounded out to the next highest number) will be required for all other Executive Board offices.

E. The Election Committee shall immediately canvas all nominees concerning their desire to run.

F. All nominees for each office shall be listed on the ballot in a random order selected by lot.

G. The Election Committee shall prepare official ballots.

H. A sample ballot listing all nominees shall be given wide publicity at least 15 days prior to the election.

I. Voting shall be limited to those nominated and whose names are listed on the ballot.

J. Nominees running unopposed shall be considered elected and be so certified by the Election Committee.