Currently when anyone retires that is under the age of 65 they will have the option to pay a premium ($13.00 per month for single) and go into the Point of Service plan we used to have prior to our change in April, where there is no deductible and co-pays for in-network coverage. Aetna will be the carrier for retirees, but I urge everyone t pen and read any correspondence that comes from AT&T, as I have no idea what the future holds. We had plenty of retirees get benefits cancelled for non-payment of the premiums when they didn’t look at enrollment or open the bills.

HRA (Health Reimbursement Account):

The amount in the HRA will roll over, but in January 2011, the money added will reflect the amount of a “retiree”. The HRA contributions are based on the status effective on January 1st.


Hearing aids are now included in our benefits package.  The cost of hearing aids can now go towards your deductible.

Charge for repair of hearing aid appliance is covered and does not apply to the $1,000 max.

If the provider is an in-network provider, the provider would need to file the claim on behalf of the member to get the in-network benefits.  If the member files the claims for reimbursement the benefit would be paid at the out of network level.  If the provider is an out of network provider, then the member can file the claim (no reimbursement will probably be paid due to this would be subject to the OON deductible if not met).  Attached is a claim form the member can file if needed.

I would advise to have the member contact the provider and verify PPO status. If the provider is PPO, the member should give the provider their insurance information and request the provider file the claim.  If the provider is not a PPO provider, the member can complete the claim form and mail to BCBS themselves for processing.