Tomorrow is Thursday so we ask everyone to wear RED.

Bargaining: Well there has been absolutely no movement since August and there is a rumor that the company will meet with the bargaining team this month. Considering the fact that it is the 23rd we'd be surprised if it did happen this month. AT&T has made it clear that they can legally layoff people and they are doing just that. There are also news articles circulating about the closing of the Syracuse call center in April and it being moved to Orlando. Along with other articles of office closings all over the northeastern US. This is unprecedented actions that have never happened in the company before and they are clearly showing how much they don't care and that their level of greed is at an all time high.

AT&T wants to hit a watermark and apparently they will get to that number one way or another.

We need to continue to try to fight for a fair contract and have the company actually sit down and negotiate with our bargaining team. If we don't stand together as a united front then we have already lost.