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CWA / AT&T ( Legacy T)
Summary of Tentative Agreement (TA)
The following is a summary of the changes in the 2018 AT&T / CWA Tentative
Agreement (TA). More details will be given to Local Presidents at the contract
explanation meeting scheduled for July 9, 2019.
Additionally, Shari Wojtowicz, National Mobilization Coordinator, has offered to
compile a list of questions in advance of the meeting so our office can research and
be prepared to answer those questions efficiently. Please send those questions to:
If an article is not mentioned in this summary that would indicate no substantive
changes were made and the article was carried forward, keeping in mind date
changes were made where applicable.
Over the last year and a half, the Bargaining Committee was continually faced with
regressive proposals from the Company. From the beginning, your Bargaining
Team fought for what we felt was right and were able to overcome many of those
regressive Company proposals.
The Company essentially attacked each Article in the contract. We had to fight to
maintain the current language and they attacked key elements of the agreement,
such as:
 Eliminate Card Check and Neutrality
 Reducing the Watermark to 1630
 Article 43 watermark to 530
 Increasing all health care contributions to 32%
 No rolling in of the 2015 new hires
These are just a few examples of the regressive proposals that the Bargaining Team
fought off.
We thank you for your support during this protracted round of bargaining.
Although not perfect, we believe it’s time for the membership to see this
agreement and make a decision on their future.
As you go through this you will see that there are many places that the membership
has gained ground. We will be sending out charts to illustrate examples on the
“New Dollars” at a glance. The numbers may change due to different rounding but
they are very close.
Continued by Article
Article 1
Updated to reflect incorporation of USVI and Appendix A
Article 14
Updated to reflect the change in time around ergonomics maintaining the
requirement for the company to provide ergonomic training
Article 15
Wage increases of 3% / 3% / 2.25% / 2.25% with six (6) months retroactivity
Article 19
 Prevented the Company from continued cost shifting by capping current
health care at 29% for life of Agreement
 Moved 2015 New Hires from 32% to 29% cost share
 Maintained 2 options for employees:
o Option 1: with higher contributions (premiums) and lower
deductibles and continuing with employees being eligible for RX
without first meeting a deductible (no RX integration);
o Option 2: with lower monthly contributions (premiums) and higher
 Surcharges – no spousal surcharge for 2019 & 2020 – beginning in 2021 it
only applies if your spouse has coverage with their employer (outside
 Tobacco surcharge ONLY applies if you or your spouse are a smoker AND
do NOT participate in an engagement program. Commitment from AT&T
in writing that an engagement program will not require an individual to
reach non-tobacco user status. These programs are intended to assist in
stopping smoking but not a requirement that you successfully stop smoking.
Continued Dental, Vision, Disability, Care Plus, Life Insurance programs.
Article 20
Beginning in calendar year 2020: individuals hired prior to 6/26/15, who are
currently eligible for five (5) or seven (7) paid personal illness days, will be
eligible for ten (10) days;
Beginning in calendar year 2021: employees who had 25 years of service as of
ratification will be eligible for ten (10) personal illness days a year, PLUS ON AN
ANNUAL BASIS if an individual finds themselves out of paid personal illness
days and has an absence leading up to disability those absence days will be
paid. All other employees continue to be eligible for this exception one time
during the Agreement.
Article 21
Expanded ability to utilize all EWD flexibly
Article 32-43
Updated to remove titles that have been unpopulated for a long period of time. We
created a letter, should the Company repopulate the titles, and eliminated 39 as no
titles were staffed in these articles; negotiated to move titles from A38 (DPA III
and DPA IV) to A41 and eliminated A38.
Article 35
Moved references to metro segments to Appendix 6.
Article 43
 Maintained the certification payment schedules, as well as other components
of the program.
 Updated to reflect the sale of the IDC. These technicians are now part of
EVOQUE Agreement,
 Increased on call payments to $35 for non-scheduled day and $20 for
scheduled day,
 Watermark not to go below 600 through the Agreement now tied specifically
to the NTS title
Article 45
 Now covered under Article 20: providing same time off for items such as
funeral as individuals covered by other functional articles.
Exhibit 1
Updated to remove Social Security numbers to protect members’ identity; replaced
with attuid.
Appendix 3
Updated to more broadly define the universes for surplus providing more
protection of seniority.
Electronic Monitoring
Maintained securities regarding discipline while providing ability for additional
Eliminated the electronic monitoring trial language.
Success Sharing Plan
SSP with no GAP, meaning still eligible for SSP during the time we did not have a
The Alliance
We were able to bargain a continued commitment to training which will be jointly
developed as soon as possible after ratification. The program will be seeded with
monies being returned from The Alliance reserves PLUS up to $6M. (100% of the
monies will go towards training.) AT&T Management will absorb all overhead
Funds for Alliance (FAD): although The Alliance is closing, we bargained that
employees who are involuntarily laid-off thru 1/1/20 will continue to have the
same FAD programs and eligibility they had through The Alliance. This includes
individuals who elect an option under ATTOP.
Employment Security
Updated the organizational names: maintaining the restrictions on the Company as
it relates to VTP and contracting, we are still the only Core Contract with a
watermark. The watermark protects essentially 75% of the unit (2664 6/30
headcount) and prevents the Company from staffing jobs in the appendix to meet
this commitment. The only Core Contract with a limited layoff clause. Limiting
involuntary layoffs to 400 reduced from the current Agreement of 500 (that’s less
than 15% of the unit can be laid off involuntarily).
Card Check & Neutrality
Successorship language
Paid Parental Leave
Two weeks leave for new parent (adopted or birth) during 1st year; this is in
addition to disability that a mother is entitled to.
Appendix A
Now includes the following Articles/Letters from Core
• Article 13 Personnel Records
• Article 14 Safety
• Article 31 Military
• Service Anniversary
• Success Sharing Plan
• Parties Demands
• Successorship
Following improvements to language
• 4.4.c – Increase Union Unpaid Time to 400 hours
• 5.6 – Management can schedule one (1) personal day instead of two (2)
• 6.6 OT Cap to 16 hours from 17 hours
• Time Title/Location – Reduce from 36/12 to 30/12
• Regular Limited Terms have Access to ATS
• 8.1 Mutual Agreement to Waive Time and Title
Force Adjustment
• Layoff by Seniority
• Voluntary Option at Company Discretion
• 8.3 from 2 weeks to 4 weeks
Layoff Allowance
• 8.4 from 4 weeks to 6 weeks
Priority Rehire
• 8.5 – Priority to Rehire 24 months
Successorship follows Core
Increased Term Pay from 28 weeks to 36 weeks
Cable Station Technicians on payroll as of September 3, 2017 will be
grandfathered for the following test(s): TKT II and TMT III
Wage increases like Core