Why wear RED on Thursday?

In 1989, NYNEX employees were on strike for 17 weeks.  The strike was settled in December 1989 but not without a price.  In August 1989, during the strike, a Union brother, Gerry Horgan, was struck by a car driven by a scab.  Gerry was CWA’s Chief Steward for Westchester County.  Shortly after the incident, the wearing of RED was established to show solidarity and remember the blood shed for our fellow brothers and sisters in this strike and any strike.  The blood shed during this strike was not only of our fallen Union brother but the financial difficulties a strike can endure.  The blood shed is also a remembrance of the fight we face everyday to protect our precious benefits that the Companies continue to strip away. 

                    Wearing RED on Thursdays is more than just wearing a shirt. 

Wearing RED on Thursdays is a sign of unity and solidarity.  In times of harmony, it is symbol of remembrance and in hard times, a sign of strength, courage, power and resolve of the union to NEVER back down.  YOU are the Union!  Wearing RED on Thursdays shows that we all stand together in the face of adversity in whatever form it may choose to come.  Wearing RED on Thursdays speaks to other coworkers who may be hesitant to show their solidarity.  It says to them, “You are not alone, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, we stand together”! 

So get caught wearing RED every Thursday, not just during bargaining.  Let us show our Employer that we are CWA Local 1150 – United and Strong!